Shape the Land to Suit Your Needs

Team up with us when you need lawn leveling services in or around Somersworth & Dover, NH

Over time, the soil in your yard can erode away, leaving behind more severe slopes and uneven areas. These low spots can ruin the look of your yard and cause serious drainage issues. Luckily, Pridham Roseberry Properties, LLC in Somersworth, NH is ready to lend a hand with our lawn leveling services.

Our team can come and:

Tear out your old yard
Level out the soil
Prep it for seed, sod or hydroseeding

Once finished, we'll clean up and make sure you're satisfied with the results before leaving.

Get in touch with us to plan a lawn leveling service for your property.

Choose your preferred lawn material

We know that different homeowners prefer different kinds of yards. That's why for every lawn leveling job, we let you choose from either traditional seed, sod or a hydroseeding service.

After you make your pick, our team will get your landscape properly prepared. Then, we'll bring in our trusted seeding partner to handle the rest.

Don't settle for a patchy land leveling job. Partner with our crew today.